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Status lets you define yourself in front of others because it expresses your attitude and thought process. WhatsApp status are powerful and inspiring words that you can use to convey your feelings and emotions. You can share our best collection of beautiful status for WhatsApp to express your messages.

WhatsApp Status

If you are looking for a unique collection of the best WhatsApp status to share in your WhatsApp profile, then this blog is for you. In this blog, you will find the latest and best status, quotes, and messages for your WhatsApp profile that you can use to express your feelings and emotions.

You have two choices in life, Build your own dream or work for others to build their dream.

Success is not accidental. It takes time, determination, passion, hard work, and consistency.

Please don’t get back with an excuse because you left me without any reason.

In your good times, everybody is with you but, in your hard time, even your shadow leaves you.

Why are you trying to fit in the word? You are born to stand out.

Challenges and criticism are the fuel for the winners and excuses for the loser.

Life is all about enjoying the journey of challenges, struggles, and sufferings.

Everybody is looking for the price but, nobody is looking for the values.

The decision you take today is responsible for creating your future.

To find the glorious futures, learn to face the challenges and sufferings of today.

It is no one, only you, who is responsible for changing your life.

Avoid negative people to attract positive energy within you.

Smiling sometimes reduces all your pain, difficulties, and sufferings.

Joining the crowd take nothing but standing alone takes everything.

Best WhatsApp Status

Sharing status on WhatsApp is in a trend now. So, you can also share your emotions and feelings with the help of this best WhatsApp status, quotes, and messages.

You should never trust words but, you should trust action.

You know what, I am happy, but you are not the reason for my happiness.

Being happy in front of your haters literally kills them.

Whenever I find the answer, Someone changes the question.

Works hard until your signatures become your autograph.

You don’t get a second chance for the same mistakes again.

True legends do not compare themselves to others, and so do I?

A real man always beautifully respects women.

My life will be different if you haven’t come into my life.

Histories are created only outside of their comfort zone.

To accomplish great things takes a lot of time. So, never give up.

Show your dreams and goals by action but not by worlds.

The best revenge you take in life is a massive success.

Never spend your precious time with negative people.

WhatsApp Status Quotes

You can use our best WhatsApp status quotes to show your emotions and feelings via WhatsApp sharing. Read our best status quotes, and messages for WhatsApp and share them with your friends on your social profile.

You know what, I hate to spend money, but I like to buy new things.

You can’t handle my attitude. So, don’t show me your ego.

I love counting money despite the fact I am weak in math.

Don’t spend your precious life reacting to others’ status.

In the morning, when I was driving my lamborghini, I just wake up.

The biggest enemy that stops you from succeeding is the enemy within you.

Sometimes I talked to myself because I love talking to legends.

I had begun my life with nothing but, It ends with everything.

Only in the dictionary, success comes before challenges.

Stop looking for the beautiful girls if you are so busy chasing bitch.

You are not qualified enough to teach me how to be a man.

I am a private person. So, never ask me about myself.

If you have a problem with me, then talk to me but not to others.

Raise your standard if you want to get me in your life. Otherwise, get lost.

Sad WhatsApp Status

Sometimes expressing sadness is quite overwhelming. Here you can get the best collection of WhatsApp sad status.

Do not let the world change your dream but change the world with your thought.

You should be grateful for what you have to succeed in life.

To become happy in life, always count your blessings.

Work for your dream instead of wishing for your dream to be fulfilled.

Always speak less and listen more to attract others.

Life is all about experiencing the journey of love, pain, sufferings, and blessings.

People won’t value you until they lose you.

Avoiding negative people is one of the best ways to achieve greatness in life.

Always enjoy the journey of life, even it is full of pain, struggles, and sufferings.

Sometimes our hearts can see what our eyes cannot see.

Adjust the focus of your thoughts to regain the focus of life.

Spending your precious time with negative people is nothing but a waste of time.

WhatsApp Status Love

Here you will find the best collection of WhatsApp status for love that you can share with your loved ones. Get dive into the top and best WhatsApp love status.

True loves are almost impossible to forget and extremely difficult to regret.

Every girl wants a man that can respectfully understand her and love her unconditionally.

Most of the time, the relationship begins and ends unexpectedly.

I am laughing and enjoying my life full of pleasures, just because of you.

Everybody knows about love but, nobody knows the real essence of love.

Even a single message from you is enough for me to brighten my whole day.

My days are always incomplete without your presence.

You are the one and only reason for my happiness.

For true lovers, distance doesn’t matter at all.

Every girl deserves a guy that can make her laugh again.

If you love them, then do not let them cry because of you.

It is better to be unloved rather than being in fake love.

Dear sweetheart, I am very thankful for you to be in my life.

You are one of the best gifts of my life given to me by God.

Best Captions

Explore our best WhatsApp status quotes to express your emotions on your social profile. These are the best WhatsApp status in English.

Dear girls, walk like you are the queen of your kingdom.

You have to face your problems instead of running away from your problems.

I know I am right but, I don’t need to explain to anyone.

Be the rear sparkling diamonds that everyone wants to have.

It is nothing but love that makes you blind from the inside out.

You know what, you are one of the rare and beautiful creations of God.

The beautiful journey of romance always begins with love and ends with death.

Sometimes I think your love is the best gift of my life.

Most of the time, you will be alone in your hard times.

I laugh every single day because of you. Thank you for being in my life.

Because of the sun, the universe shine, and because of you, I shine every day.

The toughest journey of life is the journey of alone and loneliness.

Being alone is the virtue of being strong to withstand challenges.

Never trust anyone so blindly. It’s hard to manage if trust breaks.

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