70+ Best And Inspiring Single Status For WhatsApp

Being single is the virtue of understanding yourself deep enough to realize the purpose of life. Single status are inspiring words to express the positive feelings of being single.

If you are looking for the best and unique collection of single status to radiate the positivity of being single, then you are at the right place.

Single Status

Sometimes being single is far better than being in the wrong relationship.

I am not single but, I am in love with freedom.

Being single is my choice but not compulsory.

I am not single. I have reserved myself for those who deserve me.

Being single is a beautiful way of avoiding pain and stress.

I don’t like to play with your feelings. That is why I am still single.

I am strong enough to live without depending on others.

Sometimes being single teaches you the real essence of love.

I am single but, it doesn’t mean I am available all the time.

Being single is an option of living your true life full of adventure.

Being single is all about enjoying the beautiful journey of life.

I don’t have time for others. I am so busy dating myself.

The less you are attached to others, the more you become happier.

I will remain single until I find someone worthy to be with.

Single Life Status

Being single is the courage that describes the ability to face challenges and difficulties.

Being single empowers you to enjoy a life full of fun and joy.

The hardest journey is the journey of being single, and it is the journey that makes you strong.

Sometimes being single is all about waiting for someone that you deserve.

Of course, I am single. I don’t have free time to spend.

On observing others, sometimes I feel proud to be single.

I am not single. I prefer to enjoy my own space.

Sometimes you need to be single so that no one can hurt you.

Your bad relationship sometimes reminds you the happiness of being single.

Look into the mirrors so that you can’t alone.

Being alone and being single are the two different aspects.

Sometimes I feel like God is so busy writing the story of my love life.

Being single is the best virtue of identifying your potential worth.

The world is full of people, and I am still single.

Single Status For Boys

Explore our best collection of single status for boys to express your feelings and emotions of of being alone and loneliness.

I am still single in the relationship but, you can change my status.

Sometimes being single is bitter in taste but extremely good for health.

You will understand the value of being single only after being in the wrong relationship.

Being single is a blessing that only a few can handle but, it is not a curse.

One of the best tips to save money is to remain single.

Mostly attractive girls remain singles because everybody thinks they already have boyfriends.

I am single because I think no one deserves me.

Dear boys, remain single and chase your dreams instead of chasing a girl.

Once you achieve success, the one who left you comes back to you.

Don’t afraid of being afraid, instead make a friendship with it.

I am single but, I am not lonely. I am simply preparing for the next move.

Think twice when you are leaving the love of mom and dad for the love of that girls.

Dear boys, the man with a real status doesn’t even need a status.

I am single, so I don’t like to talk to anybody.

Single Status For Girls

I am not single but, I am waiting for someone who loves me for who I am.

Dear girls, stop waiting for your prince to lighten your castle.

I am still single because I don’t let others play with my emotions.

Being single is not a curse, It’s an opportunity to set your own rule of life.

I decided to remain single because I am tired of being in a bad relationship.

You can hope for love but never wait for love.

I don’t like being with the wrong person. So, I am single.

I am single because I haven’t found anyone worthy of my life.

Sometimes people asked me why you are single even if you are so attractive.

I am reserved for those who deserve me but not for those who want me.

I am so proud to be single. It is not my attitude but, It is my gratitude.

Sometimes single people are far happier than people with a relationship.

I can live my life without being dependent on others.

Being single is not the destination, It is the journey to experiences.

Best Lines For Being Single

You are welcome to change my relationship status from single to mingle.

There are no trustworthy friends line loneliness.

Sometimes flirting is the way to tell others that you are single.

You know what I am free. I am happy because I am single.

Being single is an opportunity to live your life full of fun and joy.

Sometimes you need to be single to be happy.

Being single is all about proving to others that you can live even without them.

Lion always hunts single but, hyenas hunt in a group. So, be like a lion.

It is impossible to find peace when you are so busy chasing others.

I will be single until I find someone I deserve.

Don’t worry about being single because single people are always happy.

No, I am not single. I am in a relationship with my future lover.

Being single is all about pleasing and gratifying yourself.

Sometimes a woman without a man is happier than a woman with a man.

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In conclusion, Single status are powerful and inspirational words to express about your alone life. Being single is the greatest blessings of life because you can enjoy your own company. It is always better to remain single the being in a bad relationship.

We hope you like our best and inspiring single lines and messages that re-defines the perception of single life.