100+ Cute Relationship Status Quotes For WhatsApp

Explore our best collection of cute and inspiring relationship status quotes for Facebook and WhatsApp to express how you feel about relationships. You can express your feelings and emotions about relationship with these beautiful romantic status quotes.

Relationship Status

To have a beautiful relationship, pain is inevitable.

It takes courage to start a relationship but, it takes sacrifices to maintain the relationship.

Trust and love are the only fundamental pillars of an evergreen relationship.

The depth of your love determines the height of your relationship.

Sometimes a sweet beginning of a relationship ends up with a bitter separation.

A true relationship is that when you love and trust continuously regardless of the situation.

A true relationship is not about how you look together but, It is about how you love and respect each other.

Trust and love the ultimate pillars of a successful and everlasting relationship.

Love is nothing but the pain of a relationship and the process of dealing with it.

The more you fight each other, the more you love each other.

A cute relationship is a better than perfect relationship.

A relationship is like a roller coaster. You will have to go through lots of ups and downs to complete the ride.

In a true relationship, they share both pain and happiness.

Without pain and struggling, you cannot enjoy the true essence of a relationship.

Long Distance Relationship Status

In a relationship sometimes people who can’t live without each other tend to be the enemy of each other.

A true relationship is all about the connection of heart and soul but, not the connection of the physical body.

Sometimes a single lie can destroy the relationship that takes years to build.

Be in a relationship with those who fight for you, love you, and support you in every situation.

Being with the person who loves you is sometimes is a beautiful moment of life.

When you trust and understand each other than, the relationship gets strengthen.

Never share your problems with those whom you like. Share with those who likes you.

Never forgets those people who help you in your difficulty.

The journey of love is all about taking pain and sharing happiness.

Loving others more than yourself creates the best relationship.

Always smiles because you have someone that loves and care for you till the end.

A beautiful relationship always starts with friendship and ends up with lovers.

The way you support and love each other determines the strength of your relationship.

If anyone loves and trusts you even if they know your painful past, then you are in the best relationship.

Relationship Status Quotes For WhatsApp

Enjoy your relationship because it gives you the most beautiful memories and wonderful moments.

Life never comes back. So, always ready to captures the beautiful moments of a relationship.

Respect each other because it is fundamental to a successful and everlasting relationship.

The relationship is the synonyms of problems and challenges. You just need to enjoy the process.

The relationship is all about the sharing of heart, pain, sufferings, and happiness but not sharing of bed.

Never ever give up on your relationship. All the pain and sufferings are temporary.

A love for the heart always wins the love for the face. Find someone who loves your heart not the face.

A relationship based on money ends up before even begin.

Living together and sharing beds doesn’t mean you are in a relationship.

Walking away in difficulty can ruin the best relationship.

To understand her love, you should understand her feelings and emotions.

Outer beauty may fade away with time but, inner beauty remains forever.

A single-sided contribution doesn’t make a relationship last longer.

Adjustment is the primary principle of an everlasting relationship.

Sad Relationship Status

A kind heart and pure soul can create the best and everlasting relationship.

The relationship is all about excepting truth. Always be true to yourself.

The relationship is simple. Over-expectation makes it complicated.

If the relationship is not going well. You just need to spend some time together.

Sharing problems with partners strength trust in your relationship.

Spending beautiful moments with each other makes your relationship grown healthier and longer.

Look for the special not for the best to have an everlasting relationship.

Accepting the past and encouraging for the future strengthen your relationship.

To have the best relationship, learn to handle your ego.

Ego and bad attitude are the root cause of an unsuccessful relationship.

When you being to see from your inner eyes, you will realize how beautiful your partner is.

A good relationship wipes out all your pain and sufferings and gives you a reason to smiles every day.

The way you live together defines the quality of your relationship.

The best thing in the world is spending time with someone you love.

Love Relationship Status

A true relationship is all about accepting the weakness and respecting the strength.

Sometimes the way you smile reveals all the secrets of your relationship.

In the best relationship, there are no any secrets.

Finding angry smiles on a beautiful face when you annoy her is the best thing in a cute relationship.

Never make a relationship just for fun because your fun can destroy some life.

Life is complicated, and the relationship makes it even more complicated.

Misunderstanding and assumption are the threatening viruses of the relationship.

Without forgiveness, there is no love, and without love, there is no relationship.

You cannot control whom you are going to love but, you can definitely control how your relationship is going to be.

The relationship is not about participating in the ride. It is about enjoying every moment of the ride.

Madness in love is the best way to create a crazy relationship.

Remaining single is far better than being in a bad relationship.

Life is too short for doing unnecessary things that don’t add value to your life.

Taking responsibility for your own often opens the doors to change your life.

All relationship is sweet at the beginning but, with times it tastes bitter.

Encouraging instead of criticizing makes your relationship better.

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