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Life is one of the most beautiful and adventurous journeys gifted by God to living creatures. It becomes exciting and divine if you can understand the core ethics and primary essence of it. Life status are powerful and inspiring words that help you to achieve greatness in a life full of an abundance of love and affection.

Best LIfe Status

Life status are nothing but the best collection of beautiful lines and words to describe a life. It helps you to understand the core essence of life full of happiness and joy. So, identify the different perspectives of life with the help of this beautiful and best life status.

Change world with your thoughts, or let the world change your thoughts.

Life is the most beautiful and adventurous journey to embrace happiness and joy.

Life is a never-ending journey from failure to success full of challenges and difficulties.

Always grateful for what you have and what you acquired in life.

A beautiful life is all about collecting beautiful memories full of smiling moments.

Everybody knows the price but, nobody knows the value.

Life is nothing but the consequences of the decision that you have taken in life.

Learning to appreciate in life is the ultimate direction to achieve happiness in life.

Actually, life is so simple by default. Customization makes it more complicated.

People tend to count other’s blessings and own challenges.

Life is not a dream or goal to achieve, but it a journey to experiences.

Proving the people whatever you think about me is the greatest pleasure of life.

Life doesn’t give you what you want but, it gives you what you deserve.

To find the sunshine of glorious life rise above the cloud of challenges and difficulties.

Sad Life Status

Being alone and sad is natural to human beings. Sometimes there are no words to describe sadness. So, you can express your deep-rooted sadness and emotional feelings with this beautiful, sad life status.

Life is nothing but a combination of struggles, pains, and happiness.

It is no one except you that is responsible for changing your life.

Life is so glorious when we focus on the things that make life more significant.

You cannot change your life until and unless you change your thoughts.

Life is like is ice cream. You have to eat it before it melts down completely.

The fundamental rule of life is to listen more speak less.

You are the author of your life. You can write whatever you want in the book of your life.

Sometimes you never know the value the something until you lose it.

Don’t get stress about something that you cannot change in your life.

Enjoy every single moment of life because life is so short.

Life is a beautiful and exciting one-time journey but not an arbitrary race.

Being the real version of yourself is the best virtue of life.

Life changes with struggles are far more meaningful than life changes with words.

Don’t wish to make life beautiful. Get up and work for it.

Positive Life Status

Sometimes in life, you may face failures and challenges that lowers your confidence, and you think like you can achieve nothing in life. So, life status are great tools to eliminate your negativity and sadness in life. Bring positivity within you with this positive life status.

Life is mysterious because the moment you find your answers, life changes the questions.

Humor gives color, love gives happiness, friends give courage, and God gives the beautiful journey.

Just wake up in the morning and be thankful and grateful for God for everything that you possess.

The real meaning of life is not how much you are happy. But, it is about how much happiness you spread in other’s life.

The courage strength to achieve your goals adds ultimate significance to your life.

Being satisfied with what you have in your life is the primary secret of life.

Life is like a book. Just tear out the pages that no longer add value to your life.

Life is a wonderful ride full of challenges and difficulties that strengthen you from the inside out.

Life is like video games. The challenges and pitfall increase every step you leveled up.

You cannot beautify your life until and unless you get rid of negative peoples.

Life is not about avoiding challenges and problems but the process of enjoying the ride.

Changes are the ultimate way to make life meaningful and significant. So, do not be scared to change yourself.

Listening to others is one of the best ways to get yourself listened to by others.

Always think about what you have gained so far, then what you have lost so far.

LIfe WhatsApp Status

If you are looking for the best collection of life status to share in WhatsApp then, you are at the right place. Here you will find the latest and unique life status for WhatsApp. Express your feelings and emotions about adventurous life with these beautiful WhatsApp life status.

One of the most difficult exams is life, and it is one of the most important exams to make you stronger.

Be grateful for every single moment of your life, whether it is exciting or challenging.

Struggles and dedication combined with passion are the ultimate principles to achieve greatness in life.

It takes Struggles, Sweets, Determination, Passion, Hard Work, and many more to make life more meaningful.

Every single difficulties and challenges in life molds you in a shape to make you a better person.

The most beautiful moment of life is the moment of regaining the smiles after the long journey of struggles and challenges.

Challenges and difficulties are the pre-tests that check your ability and capability of achieving anything.

Find someone who treats you special even if your life is full of mistakes and uncertainties.

Everybody has their own different and unique story. So, don’t judge them with your own story.

Sometimes lack of identifying your inner potential and ability is the root cause of unsuccess and failures.

Find someone in life that can make you happy even without doing nothings.

Sometimes being happy without having someone that you love and care about is the best feeling.

Happy Life Status

Being happy and joyful is the primary aspect of life. Nowadays, people are just spending their life instead of living life. Here you will find the beautiful and inspiring happy life status which makes your life more significant and meaningful.

Being happy is the primary principle of life.

Sometimes what is invisible to the eyes is visible to the hearts.

Stop explaining because the one who loves you doesn’t even need your explanation.

Don’t let your past dominate your today’s life.

Always be the best version of yourself and learn from your mistake.

It is hard to walk alone but at last, it will worth it.

Never regrets in life because your hard times give you a lesson and good times give you pleasures.

Regretting about the past and looking blessings of others are the biggest source of sadness.

Living your own dream is the biggest and adventurous act of life.

Don’t get afraid of criticism. Critics make you strong enough to handle anything in life.

Life is too short for spending the life regretting your past.

It takes a single step to start the journey of miles.

Life is too short for doing unnecessary things that don’t add value to your life.

Taking responsibility for your own often opens the doors to change your life.

Most of the time, difficult and challenging paths lead to the most beautiful destination.

You need to adjust your focus if you find your life unclear.

Best Lines About Life

You can express your gratitude and acknowledgment with this beautiful and inspiring life status. It helps you to beautify your life full of love, care, and affection.

In the end, everybody shows their hidden faces. So, don’t spend your life gratifying others, instead spends it to be yourself.

Life is an adventurous ride. You don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. So, live your presents full of fun and joys.

It takes a lot of courage to follow your passion and to work for your dreams.

Never let yourself be defeated no matter many times life defeats you.

Work for your dream instead of wishing for your dream to be fulfilled.

Take action no matter what the situation is. Histories are created by action, not by words.

To achieve something that no one ever has achieved, you need to do something that no one has ever done.

It is hard to walk alone but at last, it will worth it.

Develop the attitude of giving more than whatever you take.

Never spend your precious time with negative people.

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