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Status is nothing but the relative position in society. Your overall personality depends on your status. Fb status are powerful and inspiring lines to express your status via Facebook. Get ready to dive into the best collection of Facebook status in English to share on Facebook. Explore our best collection of Facebook status in English to express your feelings and emotions on Facebook.

Fb Status

Finding the best and unique collection of status to express yourself on Facebook is quite difficult. So, in this blog, we have collected the best and unique Fb status in English for you to share on Facebook.

You know what? You were born to stand out. Do not try to get fit in the crowd.

If you do not create your own empire, probably someone will hire you to build his empire.

It is your belief system that is responsible to converts every impossibility into possibility.

People tell me I laugh a lot but, I am tired of hiding pains.

You can achieve great things in life only when you start avoiding negative peoples.

Sometimes the mistake that you make is more satisfying than the hollow success you achieve.

I was born to stand out in the world full of the copycat.

Sometimes a beautiful smile solves your problems like magic.

I am the princes of my castle and queen of my kingdom.

Believe in yourself because one day, you will have all the things you wanted to have.

The more you deliver, the more you achieve this is the law of the universe.

Don’t worry. I don’t have spare time to play with your emotions anymore.

Action has only aspects either you achieve success Or you learn something new.

It takes a lot of courage to stand alone but, it takes nothing to join the crowd.

Best Fb Status In English

Nowadays, sharing the status on Facebook is trendy. People find it’s satisfying sharing the status on Facebook. Express your deep emotions and feelings on Facebook with this beautiful Fb status in English.

There is magic in the beginning. So, start from right now.

You left me in my hard times, So, don’t dare to come in my good times.

Don’t wish to make life beautiful. Get up and work for it.

Please never treat me as an option. Otherwise, I will treat you like a choice.

Life is the most beautiful and adventurous journey to embrace happiness and joy.

Always grateful for what you have and what you acquired in life.

A beautiful life is all about collecting beautiful memories full of smiling moments.

People tend to count other’s blessings and own challenges.

Life is not a dream or goal to achieve, but it a journey to experiences.

Humor gives color, love gives happiness, friends give courage, and God gives the beautiful journey.

Sometimes what is invisible to the eyes is visible to the hearts.

It is hard to walk alone but at last, it will worth it.

It takes a single step to start the journey of miles.

Never spend your precious time with negative people.

Fb Love Status

Expressing your feelings and emotions associated with love is sometimes challenging. Here you will find the best Fb love status to convey your love messages via Facebook. Arouse the lover within you with this beautiful Fb love status.

Love tends to be beautiful in the beginning but fades away with time.

Everybody knows about love but, nobody knows the real essence of love.

Even a single message from you is enough for me to brighten my whole day.

I am so lucky to have you in my life as my life partner.

True love never fades away with time. Instead, it grows exponentially.

Most of the time, the relationship begins and ends unexpectedly.

It is better to sit alone than being with fake people.

My biggest dream is to share my bed with you every single day.

You are one of the most precious gifts I have ever got in my life.

A real man loves a single girl. However, the jerk loves a million girls.

Please hold me tight such that you never let me go.

I love you like a universe because it has no end.

Ever since I got you, my life changes so drastically.

I am very thankful for the god for sending you for me.

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Sometimes it is better to make a mistake rather than fake the excellence.

Positive people are like a star. They shine on the darkness.

Anything that makes you happy keeps it, and anything that doesn’t make you happy leaves it.

I am still strong enough to start my life from the very beginning.

Every single difficulties and challenges in life molds you in a shape to make you a better person.

Smiling is one of the beautiful forms of appreciation and gratitude.

You cannot achieve great things overnight. It takes passion, determination, and consistency.

When you have everything, be kind, and when you have nothing, be patients.

Everybody has their own different and unique story. So, don’t judge them with your own story.

Being happy doesn’t mean there are no problems. Happiness is all about dealing with challenges.

Find someone in life that can make you happy even without doing nothings.

The world is weird. When I talk, people tell me to keep silent, and when I am silent, they ask me why you are silent.

New Fb Status Love

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I think you are one of the beautiful creations of God just for me.

I can’t stop falling in love with you the moment I gaze into your romantic eyes.

It is because of you I forget all my pain and sufferings.

Your beauty is just a bonus. I am in love with your inner spirit.

I don’t know why love tends to fade away with the times, even if it is sweet at the beginning.

Your smiles literally convert my bad day into a good day.

Sometimes a minute of misunderstanding can destroy the years of trust.

Acting like a normal when you are going through lots of challenges is quite difficult.

Sometimes you need to be alone to understand your real potential.

Hang out with one positive person instead of hanging out with hundreds of negative people.

Sometimes what mouth cannot speak, eyes can easily express.

Most of the time, kind hearts need to tolerate more pain and suffering.

The one who cares most is the one who gets hurts.

Use the power of smiling to hide the pain and suffering.

Facebook Status

With this powerful and inspiring Fb status, you can easily attract your followers. Keep your followers engaged with you with this beautiful collection of Facebook status. These are the best Facebook status that you can find on the internet.

Sadness and happiness are like two parts of the coin. Without one, another doesn’t exist.

Most of the time, the saddest people are those who make others happy.

Despite, I am broken from the inside, my mouth always says I am ok.

Sometimes I write my life story with the blood of struggles and pain.

From the moment you left me, my eyes and tears become best friends.

My lord, please give me the strength to re-start my life again.

Only after they lost their love, they understand the importance of true love.

Keep yourself alone so that no one can hurt you.

Only you are responsible for making yourself happy.

Live your life full of fun and excitement without depending on others.

Most of the time, difficult and challenging paths lead to the most beautiful destination.

You need to adjust your focus if you find your life unclear.

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In conclusion, Fb status in English are empowering word that you can share on Facebook. Convey your inner messages, feelings, and emotions on Facebook with these best Facebook status for boys and girls.

We hope you like our best and unique collection of Fb status in English that you can use to share your feeling on Facebook. Explore our best collection of Facebook status to share on your Facebook profile.

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