60+ Best Love Breakup Status For WhatsApp In English 2021

Breakup is nothing but the ending or closing of an intimate relationship due to different factors like misunderstanding, extra love affairs, and many more. It is the termination of love life. Breakup status is a powerful and adorable way to express your deep-rooted feelings and emotions. You can share our best love breakup status in English on your social profile.

Love Breakup Status

If you are looking for the best collection of love breakup status to convey your inner desires and emotions and want to share that expression with your friends on Facebook and Whatsapp, then you are at the right places. Here you can find top and powerful love breakup status in English to express your emotions and feelings.

Although my mouth says I am happy but, my heart says I am broken from inside.

For you, it was just the time pass but, for me, it was one of the beautiful moments of my life.

Sometimes I can’t stop remembering and loving you but, other times, I feel like I am wasting my time.

I hate you whenever I see you because you remind me of emotions that are harder for me to forgets.

Walking away from you is one of the most difficult moments of my life.

It is very easy to start love, but it very difficult to end?

I tend to write my story with my tears on my pillow.

Breakup is nothing but just another opportunity to avoid your mistake.

I wish I could go back in the times to avoid the mistake of trusting you.

Sometimes you need to forget what you feel and remember what you want and deserve in life.

Sometimes the ego is the biggest contributor to a broken heart.

The day I first met you was the day of my rebirth, and I died on the day you left me.

From the day you left me, there are no days without tears in my eyes.

In some journeys of life, instead of foot, the heart gets tired.

Sad Breakup Status

Breakup is one of the major problems of today’s generation. Almost everybody forgets the real definition of love. People enjoy relationship at the beginning, but with time love begin to fade. Here you can find best sad breakup status in English. Share this beautiful sad breakup status with your friends on your social profile.

It is very difficult to move on once you are addicted to love.

Dear God, just give me the strength to forget him.

The words sorry don’t heal the broken heart.

I still pray for your joys and happiness. despite the pain, you have given to me.

Don’t worry if they broke you because everyone doesn’t deserve the best.

I missed all those conversations that take hours but never willing to ends.

It is better to stay alone than to live with the person that broke your heart every single day.

Please don’t return back with an excuse because you had left me without any reason.

Avoiding the people that don’t understand and appreciate you is actually beneficial. So, welcome the breakup.

Do not share your feelings with everyone because not everyone understands your feelings.

It is hard to find someone who is afraid of losing me.

One day, you will definitely see what you have lost.

People tend to understand true love from the moment they lost their lover.

The separation doesn’t hurt as much as the flashbacks of beautiful memories hurt.

Best Breakup Status In English

Breakup status is a great way to express your emotions and pain. It is difficult to bear the pain of a breakup and almost impossible to forget. To convey your pain and feelings, you can use our top collection of breakup status. It is the best way to express your sadness. Sometimes breakup leads to depression. So, be positive and move on because a better life is coming soon.

I can easily forgive you but, I cannot forgets what you have done to me.

It was my fault to trust you. One day, you will definitely understand the importance of trust.

I don’t hate you for what you have done to me but, I hate myself from the day of loving you.

One day, you will understand that you lose precious diamonds in search of the stone.

One day, I will show you what I have achieved because of the day you have left me.

Once you were beautiful moments of life but now you are a sad memory of life.

Breakup is like broken glass So, Fixing hurts more than buying a new one.

If a better future is coming soon, why hurting yourself living the past.

People tend to show their colors if they no longer need you.

The instances of relationships are getting married or broke up.

I wish the story of life could be a book so that I could tear down the broken pages.

Look, I am living my life full of fun even without you.

I got jealous if you hang out with other girls.

I may forgive you but, I cannot trust you again.

More Beautiful Status And Lines

For a continuous and happy relationship full of fun and pleasures, there should be strong trust. It is the trust that is responsible for the elimination of all the misunderstanding and enhances love. To forget someone you love is very challenging. These are not just breakup status. However, these are your motivation and inspiration to get out of sadness.

Pain in the body can be tolerable but, the pain in the heart is intolerable.

I am pretty sure nobody can love you as much as I love you.

The hardest things in life are the ignorance of the people that you care about most.

Most of the time, it is better to live alone. So, no one can hurt you.

At last, you will remember the number of things you have done for the wrong people.

If the person that you love and care about most tends to love others in front of you, then nothing hurts more than this.

It is very difficult to forget those to whom you have imagined living the rest of your life together.

For better relationships, except those who love you, not to those who like you.

The moment I close my eyes, I feel you, and the moment I opened it, I want you.

Because of memories, it is almost impossible to kill feelings and emotions.

Words cannot describe the pain that we feel in hurt.

My biggest problem is I do love and care much.

My eyes are desperately wanting you.

I used my silence to express my pain.

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To sum up, Love breakup status are nothing but powerful phrases to express your sadness and emotional pain of separation. Breakup is the separation of the lover. Sometimes it is difficult to cope with the pain of separation. So, to reduce the pain and tears of a breakup and to express your emotions, read our best love breakup status for WhatsApp In English.